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10am All Levels | Ella

11:10am FREE 20min. Pranayama + Meditation | Ella

4pm Yin and Restore | Ashley


9am Flow and Restore | Kailey

5:45pm Flow Yoga | Ashley


9am All Levels | Ashley

5:45pm Yin and Restore | Mika


9am Flow and Restore | Kailey 

5:45pm Flow Yoga | Sarah


9am Yin and Restore | Ashley

5:45pm All Levels | Mika


​9am All Levels | Mika

12pm All levels | Mika


​10am All Levels | Sarah

11:30am Kundalini, Sound, & Meditation(Sliding Scale Donation Class) | Casie-Mae

All Levels

This class is for everybody. It utilizes elements from many yoga styles. Enjoy a blend of postures with focus on breath and alignment in which variations/modifications are offered for varied levels of students. Link breath to slow and mindful movement while building strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility.


Flow and Restore

This mindful, slower paced class will revitalize your mind and body. You will be guided through a 30 minute steady, nourishing flow and then ease into restorative and yin yoga poses to bring you into balance. This class is suitable for all levels. Get ready to feel strong in your whole Self, yet completely rejuvenated as you walk off your mat and into the rest of your day. 


Yin and Restore

Each class utilizes props to assist with gentle and extended postures, and gravity to further open the body. You will unlock new space in the body and mind while also using deep breathing to balance the central nervous system. Beginner and advanced practitioners alike will benefit from this practice. You will float your way out of the studio ready to embrace your next steps out in the world.



An energizing and comprehensive class that incorporates sun salutations, standing postures, inversions, backbends and forward folds, along with breath work. The vinyasa class links the poses together in a continuous movement with breath and helps build upper body and core strength. This class will be practiced in a warm room. Get ready to sweat and be challenged. Prior experience needed.

Sound Healing

Vibrational healing in full flow! A sound bath offers deep healing, and invites full relaxation through the mind and body. You will be guided into Savasana, supported by blankets, bolsters, and blocks that allow you to feel at ease.


Beginner Series

This is a course that is every Sunday for 4 weeks. Check the workshop and events page to know when the next one is!


Perfect for those who are new to yoga or would like to brush up on the basics. Build strength and endurance, learn alignment and breath awareness during movement. Boost confidence in your yoga practice and leave feeling refreshed.


Kundalini, Sound, & Meditation

Welcome to the world of Kundalini yoga, the power of sound healing, and the gentle touch of Reiki. Whether you are new to Kundalini or have been practicing for years, we welcome you with open arms. Step into a space of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Embrace the power of sound, energy, and light movement to cultivate a deep sense of well-being. 

*Sliding scale donation based class ($5-$15). Payment options- cash, venmo, or credit. 


Don't know where to begin. Message us through email, social media, or website and we are here to help!

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