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Relax the shoulders and soften the face. Stay tuned for more workshops and events!


Restore & Reiki
(R & R)

June 10th
Early Bird- $40
*Use RESTORE at check-out by June
Regular Price-$45

In a world of chronic stress and speed, we need to balance this energy through the art of slowing down and deep, meaningful connection.


Join Ashley and Ella for a gentle, blended practice to restore your body and mind. This is a 90 minute offering incorporating restorative/yin postures and meditation guided by Ashley. In addition, Ella, Master Reiki Practitioner, will offer an ancient energetic healing technique. Together they will guide you through a sound bath to end our time together.


This workshop will be offered to a smaller group to utilize the props needed for each position, and to create a more intimate container to experience these healing practices.


FAQs and Sign up through YH app or website under COURSES

***Spaces LIMITED to 12


Summer Solstice Breathwork Experience
June 17th
Early Bird- Use BREATH to take $5 off at check-out by June 9th
Regular Price-$30

Prepare for the upcoming Summer Solstice by experiencing the healing vibrations of breathwork and sound in this collaborative workshop with Siler & Ella.


In this 90-minute offering, Siler will introduce the gentle, yet profound practice of Kriya pranayama. Kriya is a specialized breathing technique that resets your central nervous system, balances your body's energies, and releases mental/emotional tension. Through Siler's guidance, you will explore the potential of your breath as a transformative tool, unlocking new levels of awareness and personal connection.


As we breathe, Ella will intuitively tune your vibrational field with a meditative sound healing session. Allow yourself to be transported by the enchanting vibrations of various instruments, as Ella creates a harmonious environment for alignment and introspection.


This workshop is designed for ALL LEVELS, whether you are new to breathwork and sound healing or have previous experience. It is a unique opportunity to let go of the stresses of daily life, connect with the essence of your being, and prepare yourself for the abundance and expansion that the change of season offers.


What To Know/Bring:


  • This practice is a gentle and accessible technique performed lying down. 

  • It is recommended to practice pranayama on a light-empty stomach and to hydrate properly. 

  • Please bring something to cover your eyes (eye mask/pillow, shirt, towel, etc.)

  • It is normal to experience cold during the session - You are welcome to bring socks, a blanket, and any other comfort items.


About Siler: 

A native of Florence, Siler has been sharing yogic practices in the US and abroad since 2018. He holds a “Pranayama and Comprehensive Vedic Studies” certification through The Breath Center (Alta, CA) in addition to his RYT 200 (Bali).


Beginner Series

*Stay tuned for future classes.

The beginner series is perfect for those who are new to yoga or would like to freshen up on the basics. Our 4-week series teaches new students the fundamentals of yoga and
provides a safe and engaging learning environment.

In this series you will learn proper yogic breathing techniques, sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and hip openers. Each session will conclude with a deep relaxation. The beginner’s series is taught in a sequential manner to help you build strength, flexibility and a sense of well being and relaxation to help you on or off the mat.

Week 1: Intro of Yogic Breathing/ Sun Salutations
Week 2: Standing/Balancing postures
Week 3: Twists, backbends and forward folds
Week 4: Beginner inversions & Heart openers

We will meet every Sunday for 4 weeks from 2:00-3:30pm.

Pre-registration is required. Please register early as space is limited to 15 students and we expect the class will fill up.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our yoga community right here in the Shoals! We know you will make lasting friends and feel good in your body and mind.

Sound healing

Sound Healing Session

Stay tuned!
Sweet sounds back in the Fall!

Stay Tuned for Updates!

Inhale. Take a deep breath, turn your awareness inwards and welcome what you find there. Exhale. Welcome yourself exactly as you are.  Feel your way down into your body.

Gray Bear Lodge is located in Hohenwald, TN. A short, one-hour drive from Florence. There are over one hundred fifty acres of rolling hills for hiking, natural springs, a crisp shower in a waterfall, sacred moments in a hand-built wood-fired sauna, and a stone hot tub for soaking.

"Resting rejuvenates my sense of mystery. In this simple act, I find my eyes are shifted to wonder and my heart spontaneously bursts with songs of gratitude.” Deborah Adele


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